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 World Wide Polkas 

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Locations of visitors to this page

Welcome to the official
"World Wide Polkas" home page!
This web site is to promote and the preservation of
Polka, Folk and any type of squeeze box music.
Providing a source of live streaming music
and show archives on the internet for you to enjoy.
Plus be able to chat with me during the show in the Chatroom.
You can tune into the shows on the web at
Just click the "Start" button below the
JAVA chatroom to tune into the show
during Sunday evenings from 6-10pm CST.
Or use your Windows Media Player or WinAmp to
listen into the show. Open URL and use mms://
I want to encourage you to make requests and
dedications at any time. Let me know who you are
and where you're listening from. Please mention
what country or city and state your from too.
You can email them to
Otherwise, Please join me in the
Now with some other supporting web sites
on,, &
Please take time to check them out here...

In this web site you will find:
Is a proposed schedule to when the show is on.
Here is where you can find links to the chat rooms.
Where you can some times view me hard
at work doing my live shows.
Is for letting you know of possible show cancellations
due to musical engagements or for times not being
able to access the server due to technical issues.
Events & Festivals:
On special events or flyers received by mail or email.
 And for those bands that do not have web sites;
If info. is provided, their band schedules.
This is  for new listeners trying to get started
with tuning into the program and accessing
the Hardwired Radio Chatroom.
Is a listing of band's, group's and soloist's web sites
who have contributed their music to the program.
Is a list of musicians who have sent in
CD recordings for the program,
but do not have any web sites.
Is where you can buy CDs from and
have your recordings made by them.
Songs that have been played on the program.
Show lists from the past.
When you want to listen to some of our past shows.
Special Archives for your listening pleasure.
Where you can view video clips of
me and other videos of other musicians. 
Where there's pictures of the
bands and with ones I've met.
Also other music related pictures.
Other related music links of interest.
Things in print for sale. 
Where polka people give of their
time and talent for great causes.
Is where you can contact me
if you have any questions. Or
If you want Squeeze Box music played
at your event.

Your Polka I.J.
Thomas Gagnon

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Squeeze Box Music Is Happy Music For Everyone World Wide!

If you have
enjoyed the
program and
would like to
make any
Please feel free
by clicking on
the donation icon.

Thanks to all
of you for
your support!


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Now you can
join the
World Wide Polkas
Yahoo Groups.
You can post your own email messages of up
coming events in your area;
Keep in touch with other listeners of World Wide Polkas;
You can also submit photos, links and even calendar events.
This will not cost you
anything to join!
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Please get in touch with me at
 for any comments or reactions to the site.